Green Practices

Each year, 325 million tons of recoverable construction and demolition materials are generated in the United States. By partnering with local and regional recyclers of construction waste products, we are doing our part in improving that statistic by pioneering eco-friendly recycling practices within the industry. Together with these professionals, First Finish has created job-specific solutions to reduce, reuse, and recycle. In addition, the First Finish team includes LEED-accredited professionals to ensure only the most current LEED standards are maintained.

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Community Outreach

Good360 has been the nonprofit leader in product philanthropy since 1983, and their circle of giving is only growing. They work with hundreds of consumer, retail, and technology companies to provide critically needed goods to nearly 30,000 nonprofits, schools, and libraries across the globe. With corporate support, they are able to address the critical needs of charities and the people they serve.