Construction Project Manager

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Job duties include but are not limited to:

  • Manage First Finish subcontractors, assistant project managers, project coordinators, superintendents, and assistant superintendents in the execution of hospitality renovations. Projects range in complexity from soft scopes of work to more invasive multi-faceted commercial renovations.

  • Conduct weekly project manager/project coordinator (PM/PC) meetings.

  • Manage strict timelines and schedules to facilitate meeting daily, weekly, and project goals. This includes verification of accurate 2-to-3-week white board look-ahead schedules composed on-site with project superintendents to create schedules.

  • Responsible for the oversight, verification, and coordination of construction layouts, specifically related but not limited to MEP rough-ins, tile layouts, wall locations, millwork, and structural components.

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of safety standards and OSHA requirements. This includes but is not limited to hazard analysis, and a complete understanding and comprehension of site-specific emergency action plans.

  • Must have the ability to travel for potential extended periods of time based on location, project progress, and scope of work.

  • Professionally represent First Finish to the client and all associated project contacts. This includes but is not limited to construction management firms, hotel management, design and architecture professionals, subcontractor partners, and jurisdictional authorities.

  • Understand jurisdictional requirements associated with all aspects of project permitting, inspections, and approvals.

  • Coordinate and provide oversight for project-specific logistical and operational needs such as: punch, permit close-out, job close-out, lessons learned, warranty requirements, mobilization, site setup/laydown, pre-existing conditions identification, demobilization, etc.

  • Utilizing Timberline Sage and Procore based software, create and/or review subcontractor agreements, purchase orders, meeting minutes, RFI's, submittals, change requests, change orders, and various other transmittals based on project needs.

  • Facilitate, chair, oversee, and attend construction meetings. These compose of client pre-renovation meetings, subcontractor pre-renovation meetings, weekly client meetings, weekly project manager/project coordinator meetings, mandatory daily subcontractor meetings, and project close-out/lessons learned meetings.

  • Ensures the site superintendent is conducting daily subcontractor meetings as well as internal First Finish team meetings.

  • Keep consistent open lines of communication with the client representative, property management, design and architectural representatives, subcontractor partners, and jurisdictional authorities to maintain or elevate the stature of First Finish and the project. Specifically related to jurisdictional authorities, it is critical that the project manager ensure an on-site meeting is conducted with the appropriate authorities prior to/at the beginning of projects so that permitting, inspection, and approval requirements are clearly understood by all First Finish team members and subcontractor forces.

  • Ensure site compliance of daily reporting, photo documentation, and redline drawing upkeep.

  • Prepare and provide a detailed bi-weekly report to First Finish executives in Microsoft Word format. A modified form of this report may be required for submission to the client.

  • Prepare monthly report to clients as required, per project requirements.

  • Ensure incident reporting compliance and communication protocols related to any and all safety and/or insurance incidents or claims.

  • The project manager must understand First Finish subcontractors are partners, and their success on each project is critical to our success.

  • Identify, conduct, and/or arrange training for superintendents, assistants, and labor staff appropriate to the needs of the project or goals of First Finish and its staff.

  • Lead, coach, and motivate project team members in an effort to maintain maximum effectiveness, and efficiency as well as safety compliance.

  • Conduct and/or provide feedback related to assistant project managers, superintendents, assistant superintendents, and labor staff performance including annual performance appraisals.

  • Negotiate contractual agreements with subcontractors and material pricing with vendors after reviewing associated proposals for scope gap.

  • Prepare monthly payment applications for client submission, review, and approval.

  • Produce and distribute PCO logs.

  • Assist in the plan review, estimating, and budget development of First Finish projects.

  • Utilizing TimberScan software, review and process subcontractor and vendor invoicing on a weekly basis.

  • Prepare back-up documentation related to specific project change work and associated First Finish and subcontractor costs. These costs are then used to prepare owner change requests utilizing Timberline Sage and Procore software.

  • Create client/project invoices using AIA documentation on a monthly basis.

  • Prepare and maintain monthly financial tracking of all assigned projects.

  • Oversee and approve all project related expenditures by all First Finish personnel associated with assigned projects.


  • The First Finish Florida office will be relocating, so candidate must be able to report to the Fort Lauderdale area.

  • Must have thorough business knowledge of the construction industry as it relates to light commercial and hospitality renovations.

  • Effective presentation, interpersonal, organizational, and communication skills.

  • Must be a strategic thinker and multi-task-oriented individual with strong problem resolution and leadership capabilities.

  • Minimum of 5 years' experience in the construction/renovation field with concurrent supervisory experience.

  • Experience in supervising concurrent multi-faceted projects where difficult situations may arise regularly.

  • Must be familiar with the use of hand and power tools related to construction.

  • Ability to read and understand structural, civil, MEP, ID, and architectural plans and drawings.

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Project, Word, Excel, Outlook) and other project related software.

  • May be required to travel abroad to project sites to manage projects.

  • Many First Finish projects operate seven days a week; project managers must be available via phone or email to assist as needed.

  • Must be a team player and maintain a quality team environment.

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