The Revitalization of Iconic Shelborne South Beach

February 13, 2024

The Revitalization of Iconic Shelborne South Beach

Westdale Properties, King Street Capital Management, and Cedar Capital Partners announces plans to reimagine the iconic Shelborne South Beach. As custodians of Miami Beach’s heritage, this dynamic Development Team proudly presents the vision of “Shelborne South Beach by Proper,” a fusion of history and modernity, located at the intersection of Collins Avenue and 18th Street in South Beach.

The hotel is set to undergo an $85 million transformation, breathing fresh life into the property. The guestrooms, food and beverage venues, pool deck, cabanas and meeting spaces will be featured in the redesign.

Drawing inspiration from the 1940 Art Deco distinction and the authentic charm of Shelborne South Beach, the Development Team pledges to preserving the hotel’s rich heritage. This revitalization is more than a renovation; it’s a commitment to uphold the legacy crafted by Art Deco authorities Igor Polevitzky and Morris Lapidus. The new design, a blend of Miami’s Art Deco and MiMo architectural history, will celebrate the past while embracing the future.

Mitchell Cohen, the Chief Operating Officer of Westdale Properties says, “With our partners and Proper Hospitality, our role is to serve as custodians of the past while preserving the rich heritage of this iconic hotel.” The intention is clear – to restore every nuance of the original heritage, ensuring the new Shelborne South Beach by Proper becomes a beacon, once again elevating the renowned Miami Beach Art Deco destination.

The Hotel’s heritage elements will be meticulously preserved and reinstated. Cohen reveals a hidden treasure, stating, “After decades of being hidden, the magnificent two-story windows along 18th Street will once again be brought back to life, flooding the new lobby with natural light, the way it was originally designed to be.”

The Shelborne South Beach by Proper is set to emerge as a testament to the timeless allure of Art Deco, promising an immersive experience where history meets contemporary elegance.

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