W South Beach adds 3D mapping technology

September 15, 2023

W South Beach adds 3D mapping technology

by Gregg Wallis

As part of a $6-million renovation, W South Beach has unveiled a ballroom and meeting space equipped with new 360-degree projection technology, which can recreate virtually any ambiance and experience—from a fully immersive underwater oceanic moment to the backdrop of any city around the world.

The 3D-mapping technology combines the art of storytelling; visual and audio effects; and technical precision to transform the 4,300-sq.-ft. blank canvas ballroom into any setting, allowing guests to embark on a captivating journey, likened to L’Atelier des Lumiéres in Paris.

“Imagine stepping into the ballroom and being instantly transported to the streets of London, the beaches in Rio or the enchanting gardens of Kyoto,” said Rick Ueno, GM, W South Beach. “For a decade, we’ve been the social center of Miami’s major cultural events—Art Basel, Miami Swim Week and others—so it was time to up the ante and transform the way events and meetings are conducted on the beach.”

The built-in projection system requires light only—no complicated sets, heat or UV emissions—and is fully customizable with pre-set color scenes and also offers a digital library of stills and video displays fit for weddings, parties, meetings and corporate gatherings including abstract digital art, lush green foliage, sunny beaches, still wallpaper effects and celebratory party effects.

Technical highlights

The ballroom has the capacity to hold up to 250 people. It can be divided into two spaces for those seeking a more intimate setting. Customizable LED lighting is built into 12 ceiling coves and six wall arches, creating an energy-efficient system that bypasses traditional venue-specific limitations to make the projection mapping come to life.
Four presentation projectors are built into the ceiling and can be used simultaneously with environment projectors.

Twenty-four built-in microphones (12 for each room) are affixed to the ceiling and provide speech reinforcement and recording, allowing for seamless presentations. Thirty-two audio speakers (16 for each room) offer a discrete design, premium aesthetics and ultimate high performance. Each of the 52 pin spots (26 for each room) have an adjustable 6-ft. radius beam that is controlled and programmed to provide an elevated performance for the projection mapping.

W South Beach also offers three renovated studios that hold up to 60 people. The studios are equipped with 75-inch LCD monitors, wireless internet and HDMI connectivity, Ensenio Hotel TV channel for leisure viewing and dimmable soft white LED and recess lighting. The three studios can be combined into one larger space as needed.

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